Saturday, 21 September 2019

The World's Belief In God Is In A Confused State

The world's belief in God is in a confused state. The confusion becomes obvious when the Bible is studied by comparing what it says with the practices and traditions of religions. I did this and am still doing it, because I am not satisfied with what others say or claim that this or that religion is a scam; or the Bible is a fraud. I must find out by doing it myself. I have learned how far Christianity has departed from the Bible; and how far the Bible has misaligned from the original Hebrew scripture.

People who accuse Christianity as a scam have a point, and I cannot blame those who consider the Bible to be a fraud. The problem of Christians is not reading the Bible themselves. I have identified the major lies in the Bible, but these do not reflect the intention of the God of Abraham. In fact, I call them lies because they contradict what the Creator of the universe is saying.

So, the Christians have been scammed and the Bible has been seeded with lies, and the world behaves against the God of Abraham. Consequently, the earth undergoes pain, suffering and death. Therefore, I conclude that the God of the Bible is right, because if He were wrong, the earth would be a better place to live in right now.

Thursday, 4 July 2019

This book will explain how far has the faith of the world departed from the Bible, and how far has the English Bibles of today misaligned from the original Hebrew scripture.

Wednesday, 27 March 2019

Life On The Other Side

My mother had a miscarriage before I was born and she had a first born daughter who died a few years after birth, but I never heard anything from her against God. Indeed, the experience is painful to everyone who are left in this life being separated from our loved ones. Any kind of separation is painful. My mother, however, believed that life is better there on the other side than in this earth. My readings of the works of Ian Stevenson, Brian Weiss, and the stories of Mary Neal and Coulton Burpo convinced me that my mother was right. Her attitude towards the death of my brother and sister was like the attitude she demonstrated when I got married. She cried but she gave me her blessing for my new journey in life.

Monday, 28 January 2019

If God Is All-loving, Why Would Hell Exist?

This point of view is perfect for the offender. It is, however, unfair for the offended. For example you have two sons. You love them both. One of them tries to kill the other. Is it loving the offended by letting the offender go on with what he does? Or is it loving the offender for not punishing him for his wrong doing? No, according to my mother. You are being punished because I want you to realize you did wrong. She said I do that because I love you. If I do not love you I would not care whether you do right or wrong.

That was how my mother taught me to always do right as much as I can.

Thursday, 24 January 2019

Is The Mind The Devil's Best Ally?

Sounds like it makes sense to me. In fact the devil uses the billions of minds of the world to worship him and reject the creator of the universe by deception. That was what he did to Eve and what he does to the world today. However, the mind can be the devil’s worst enemy too. As the saying goes, “Everything can work both ways.” That kind of mind was used by the Son of God during the temptation in the wilderness. The Son of God started it. Now, the rest of the story is in our freedom of choice. Use our mind to stop saying amen to the devil’s deception. The Son of God and the Father in heaven have been waiting for thousands of years for us to change our mind. Until then, the Son of God is not coming again yet.

The Proof of God

The World's Belief In God Is In A Confused State

The world's belief in God is in a confused state . The confusion becomes obvious when the Bible is studied by comparing what it says w...