Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Evil on Earth is God's Responsibility: God does not turn His back on that.

The God of Abraham is responsible for all the evils in the world in the sense that the holy entities that He created originally, turned to evil by their freedom of choice. The God of Abraham does not turn His back to that responsibility. I need to say first that God acted on that responsibility in heaven perfectly. So, heaven was cleared of evil.

Here on earth, however, evil must be dealt with differently. Those who chose evil in heaven were driven out to this earth and God intends to clear evil by using the same freedom of choice. So, Adam and Eve were created in Eden in a perfectly heavenly state to exemplify perfection in Genesis chapter 2. That is the real meaning of “creating man in our image, after our likeness” in Genesis chapter 1. Adam and Eve chose evil and the consequence fell on them when they were driven out of Eden into the earth. Cain chose evil and the consequence fell on him too.

God did not give up on them but gave them another son Seth. God allowed Adam and Eve to continue the generation of the sons and daughters of God. The evil choices continued until God had to do something at the time of Noah. Still the evil choice continued until the 1st and 2nd Babylonian exile. The story of evil choices continued even until the time of our Savior, and still continues today.

Let it be clear that the God of Abraham intends to clear the earth of evil through us because this earth is our dominion. He remains true to His words in Genesis 1:26, and He intends to do that through His people Israel. That is why He kept on sending prophets to Israel and sent His Son to be born out of the tribe of Judah. The evil choices of Israel caused them to be delivered to their enemies.

The lesson that should be learned is very clear to both Israel and her enemies. Israel must realize that she shall never rise from her fall until she chooses to reject evil and turn back to her God. Babylon must realize that her victory is not because of her god but because of Israel’s infidelity to her God.

In Isaiah 45:7, the God of the Bible was telling Israel directly exactly to stop worshiping the gods of Babylon because those gods would not be there without His permission. He was trying to make them realize that they were making a wrong choice, and He did not want that wrong choice to continue by making a compromise. The same is happening to the world today. Pain, suffering and death will remain on earth for as long as we continue our evil choice and believe that we are right.

Our choice reflects God’s choice because He created us. He will not give up on us until we change our mind and return to Him. In that sense, God is responsible for the evils that exists in this world. In Isaiah 66:23 it is written: And it shall come to pass, that from one new moon to another, and from one sabbath to another, shall all flesh come to worship before me, saith the LORD. These do not look like the words of the God who is giving up on His responsibility.

My Idea of the Soul

The soul is like white light, which is composed of red, green and blue. The soul is composed of emotion, mind, and memory. Emotion can be positively manifested by love, joy, like or desire. It can be negatively manifested by hatred, sadness, distaste. The mind is manifested by reasoning, judgment, analysis, etc. The memory is a record of the activities of the emotion and the mind. The memory influences our character and destiny.

The emotion, mind and memory (soul) influence our social behavior. The soul which is three quarters of our existence survives when the physical body (the fourth quarter of our existence) dies. The soul is like energy which is by definition can only be transformed but not destroyed. The soul can leave the flesh body for a long time and reincarnate later as a new person. It can leave the flesh body and go back quickly as in waking up from a coma or sleep. All of which have healing effects caused by the healing energies of the spiritual realm. The soul can also ultimately move on to perfection and reunite with her Creator. This is the ultimate desire of the soul.

The emotion, mind and memory have been associated with the brain. This is because of the observable chemical changes in the brain. These chemical changes happen to effect physical functions and movements. The brain is just part of our physical existence.

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